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Teen/Adult 14yrs & older
Any student that is 14 years old and older may take the class.  INSTRUCTIONAL PERMIT IS NOT REQUIRED!!
After successfully completing the classroom portion (and meeting financial obligations) the student will receive a certificate that will assist him/her in getting their Instructional Permit at the DMV.  Driving lessons (behind the wheel training) will be scheduled shortly following the classroom session.  Once the student successfully completes the behind the wheel training lessons, a Certificate of Completion will be given to the student.  That certificate will assist him/her in getting their actual driving license once all DMV requirements are met (age, hours, ect....)

If you are not a US citizen, but a legal resident (even foreign ex-change students), you must have a legal passport and/or the proper government paperwork to prove your residential status. Students will have to provide documentation of proof of identity (School ID, Birth Certificate, SS Card).

If a student has an IEP or a 504 plan due to a disability, all efforts will be made to accommodate each plan.  However, there are no guarantees.  Please contact PDS to discuss options/accommodations.


If you fail the test, you must schedule a time to retake the test.  Students will not be required to retake the class, just the test.

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