About Us

80+ Years

Of Drivers Education Experience!

The Premier Driving School Staff has over 50 years of private and public school driver's education experience. 


PDS instructors have spent the majority of their career in education, business management, community service, and social work.  Three of our instructors have officiated for the Kansas State High School Activities Association and coached locally for the past 30 years.  With this combined experience, they noticed the ever growing demand of students' and parents' time outside of school for camps, training sessions, out of season leagues, extracurricular activities, work, and much much.


Because of the demands on family time, they decided to make a convenient, affordable, and more importantly a highly effective way to provide drivers education for students who want to obtain their Kansas Permit and/or License.  We have currently have 3 locations in Central Kansas: Newton, Hutchinson and Derby.


With year around classes, front door pick up, one on one driving, and one day classes, a student can obtain the proper certificates for his/her permit and/or license without interfering with their family, work or school schedules.  Please explore the website for more information and how to sign up.  

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