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Our service offers secure classroom settings with dedicated instructors and behind the wheel experience with professional instructors to ensure a safe and knowledgeable experience for all our clients. Trust us to provide the best training for your driving needs.

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Pre-registration is highly recommended for all our classes to secure your spot. You can easily register for our courses through our user-friendly online platform. Alternatively, you can also register by directly contacting the school for personalized assistance. This process ensures a smooth and hassle-free start to your driving education journey with us.

Learning Approach

Hands-on experience is crucial. Practice with a guardian and review the handbook.

Discuss basic laws, daily challenges, and skills for safe, low-risk driving.

What's Included

Comprehensive training based on the Kansas Driving Handbook.

KSDE Certified/Accredited classroom session and 6 hours of driving.

All costs covered: education car, taxes, state fees for DE99 application, and paperwork.

No hidden costs.

(Note: Extra hours for driving requirements and DMV fees for licenses/permits are not included).

Our Commitment

No additional "gasoline" or "pickup" fees.

Transparent pricing and dedicated instruction.

Multiple Locations

Our strategically placed locations in Newton, Hutchinson, and Derby offer easy access and convenience for aspiring drivers across Central Kansas. Whether you're just beginning or advancing your driving skills, our multiple sites ensure that quality driver's education is always within reach.

If you are not a US citizen, but a legal resident (even foreign ex-change students), you must have a legal passport and/or the proper government paperwork to prove your residential status. Students will have to provide documentation of proof of identity (School ID, Birth Certificate, SS Card).

If a student has an IEP or a 504 plan due to a disability, all efforts will be made to accommodate each plan.  However, there are no guarantees.  Please contact PDS to discuss options/accommodations.



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