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Kansas Driving School

At Premier Driving School, our commitment is solely to our clients and students, prioritizing their needs, safety and educational journey. Our mission is to deliver an unparalleled driving education experience, marked by professionalism and adaptability, tailored to empower our students on their path to driving independence.

Accessibility for All

Teens and adults can enroll in our courses without needing a permit in advance.

Immediate Certification

Earn your Instructional Permit certificate on the same day by meeting the class and Premier Driving School's criteria.

Convenient Facilities

Our spacious classrooms and parking areas ensure effortless drop-offs and pickups.

Prompt Driving Sessions

Schedule your driving lessons shortly after class completion, with the convenience of home pickups (subject to conditions).

Hassle-Free Enrollment

Secure online payment and registration for your preferred classes and locations, with absolute confidentiality of your financial details.

Focused Learning

We maintain a low instructor-to-student ratio for more personalized attention.


Teen/Adult Driver's Ed for $390 (Save $30)​




How many classes do I need to take?

We offer concise one-day classes covering essential driving education and defensive driving techniques, fulfilling all Kansas licensing requirements. Once you pass the class test, you can schedule your driving sessions. Our program is KSDE Certified/Accredited.


How does the student driving work?

Driving lessons include one-on-one instruction for both beginners and experienced drivers, tailored to each student's skill level and availability. Local students enjoy convenient pickup and drop-off services. Upon successful completion, students receive a Completion Certificate to aid in obtaining their license.


How long does it take?

The duration of the course varies per student, depending on their driving experience, practice intensity, scheduling flexibility, and learning pace. It can range from a few days for experienced drivers to 2-6 weeks or more for beginners.

Premier Driving offers accredited driving instruction across multiple locations, featuring convenient pickup and drop-off services. Book your lessons online or call us today for expert guidance and flexible scheduling.

with purchase of PDS Driver's Ed course = $100-$125 VALUE FOR FREE ALL Former PDS students can take the course for $30 
ANY non-PDS Student (teen or adult) = ONLY $50
Contact us for Dates, Times, & Locations



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