Meet the Owners &

Classroom Instructors


Perry Warden (co-owner) - He has spent over 13 years in private driver’s education and 20 plus years in public school education as an administrator, coach and special education teacher.  Perry was born and raised in Oklahoma, came to Kansas in 1988.  Perry has officiated high school & college sports for the past 30+ years. He holds 3 Masters Degrees and a Bachelor’s Degree, all in Education. Currently lives in Newton, Kansas and works for Harvey County Cooperative as a Transition Coordinator.  

Paul Nelson (co-owner) - He has taught driving students for 7 years. He has officiated high school football and basketball along with coaching basketball. Paul enjoys working with students, especially when they have a common goal. He was born and raised in Newton. . He looks forward to meeting our students and helping them accomplish the art of becoming a safe and defensive driver. 

 Let's Get On The Road!
  • "I was able to schedule my daughter's lessons around all of her school and family activities.  On one particular driving lesson, they picked her up from school and dropped her off at softball practice when they finished.  The whole process was simple and convenient.  My daughter learned a lot and is becoming a very good driver.  Premier Driving School was super convenient.  It was very cost effective when you compare the convenience to the amount of time we saved"….........Julie S


  • "What a great experience.  We higly recommend Premier Drivng School"..........Kevin L


  • "Perry has driven and taught all 3 of my children and they loved it.  So far, they are all accident free (knock on wood). We Highly Recommend"..................................Mary W


  • "I was really impressed on how much my son improved on his driving.  Paul was great to work with.  My son is way more comfortable behind the wheel"........................Scott W


  • "Do to work schedules, my husband and I could not take my son back and forth to public school drivers education classes.  So, we took him on a Saturday to an all day class and then shortly following the class, he was driving on the weekends.  He had his permit on the day of class, he even drove us home!  We loved it"...............Jan H

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